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Blog / Changelog
4 min read

Aug 08, 2022

Fortnightly Update: Habits V2 Around The Corner & iOS Shortcuts

James Whelton

Conjure Founder

Hello everyone!

This past fortnight has primarily been spent building V2 of Habits in Conjure, which I'll share the details and progress of now.

Some cool things also shared in this update include an iOS Shortcut for creating Measurements and ConjureKit, a set of community-built open source integrations, including a tool for tracking billable hours using Time Entries.

Habits V2

Habits V2 takes all the hopes, dreams, and learnings from Habits these past two years and implements them.

Some of the key new features of Habits V2 include:

Multiple Times Per Day Habits

  • For example, a "💧 Drink Water 5 Times" Habit which increases every time you click/tap it

Progress Based Habits

  • For example, a "👟 10k Steps" Habit, displayed as a progress ring, which uses the Apple Health Integration
  • For example, a "📚 Read 15 Minutes" Habit, displayed as a progress ring, based on Time Tracking

Historical Habit Streaks

  • See the history and analysis of all your past Habit Streaks

Smart Habits V2

  • Deeper integration of Habit Rules
  • For example, if you have a Habit rule to read for 30 minutes a day, when you click/tap the Habit Checkbox, you should get a popup to start tracking time

Habit Versioning

  • Keep versions of previous Habit rules
  • For example, if you have a "👟 Walk" Habit, and for September, the Habit rule is for 5k steps per day, then in October, it is for 10k steps per day, Conjure will save the old set of rules for that time period
  • This sets up Conjure for "graded progression" down the line (eg increase the daily step count by 500, every week, for the next 8 weeks), but more on that in the future

When Will Habits V2 Be Released?

The remaining backend work and the frontend work I hope to have finished in the next 2 - 3 weeks. I'll be posting progress on both Discord and Twitter.

You can get an idea of the scale of the backend work done so far from these changes to the codebase 🙃

Habits Backlog

During this past fortnight, I spent time reviewing the backlog for Habit-related functionality.

While the key items are noted above, some other notable items on the backlog are:

  • Habit sounds
  • Habits punch card view
  • Habits rolling week view
  • Habits detail view
  • Habit streak credits
  • Habit start dates
  • Habit Completion Type custom colors
  • iOS and Android Habit Widgets
  • Apple Watch App with Habit Functionality
  • Android Google Fit Integration
  • Improved Habit form
  • Improved First Time Experience

Tracking Billable Hours with ConjureKit

A wonderful community member, Ivanka Todorova, has open-sourced ConjureKit, a set of additional integrations for Conjure.

One tool included is for tracking billable hours for various projects using Time Entry measures.

Check it out:

iOS Shortcuts

I shared an iOS shortcut for creating Measurements in the Conjure Discord (click here to join).

If you need a hand, ping me via the 'Feedback' button in app or just shout in the Conjure Discord.

I use an iOS shortcut to track every time I leave home, as a proxy to track when I get first sunlight exposure in the day (as that affects sleep onset) and use that to automatically complete my "🌤 Sunlight Before 10am" Habit.

Bug Fixes & Enhancements

  • New Times Entries on the 'Time' screen are active by default
  • You can create new Time Entries from the Command Menu with "New Time Entry"
  • The Habits 'Clean Up' button occasional flicker fixed (thanks SB)
  • Time input's text parsing always use today as relative date, even after changing date (thanks IT)
  • Time input's text parsing supports minute shorthand (eg "10m")

Until next time,
kind regards,

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