Measure & Manage Your Behaviour

Conjure is a platform to manage habits, achievements and behaviour change, through data, rules and automation, to help you realize the life you want


Build and manage habits, across a variety views (day, week, month). Manually complete or use our rules engine to automatically complete (when you exercise, when you track enough time, when you enter a geofence, etc).

Use streaks (or disable them if not your thing). Leverage reminders through desktop and mobile notifications, with customizable messages and frequencies.


Track your behaviour and activities through various types of measurements, such as Time Entries, Timestamps, Numeric Values, True/Falses, Options, GPS Coordinates and more!

Measures give you a feedback loop and provides the data that powers the wider system through our automation engine (triggers, conditions and actions).

Conjure is real-time, all the time, across all devices.

Time Tracking

Track your time across different measures in a nice and fast interface, on mobile and web.

Use reports to see where you are and aren't spending your time, so you get the right balance and don't have any blindspots.

Conjure leverages keyboard shortcuts to make navigating and inputting information as quick as possible.

Coming Soon

Icons / Ruler

Goals & Objectives

Icons / Habit


Icons / Habit

Periodic Reviews & Check Ins

Icons / Habit


Icons / Habit

Paths &

Icons / Plus

And more...



Weight, sleep & activity data from weighing scales, bed monitors & more


Apple HealthKit

Health & activity data, from Apple Watch & other apps



Automatic time tracking of browser and app usage

In Progress

API & Ecosystem

Conjure has a GraphQL API with OAuth and scopes for authorization.

Build your own apps, integrations and hacks on top.

Webhooks coming soon.


Conjure's mission is to help individuals get the maximum value out of life.

Modern life has many forces influencing our behaviour to their own ends, over our well-being and life statisfaction. Conjure aims to give the platform to allow one to quantify and track their behaviours, identify gaps and opportunities regarding their quality of life, and guide them to actualizing such improvements, then assist them to maintain such positive behaviours.

Conjure is currently in development. Right now it is best suited for people who already know what they want to track and desire feedback loops. In time it will advise and guide, making it more accessible to more people, with content devised from scientific research and subject matter experts. At this point, we are primarily concerned with proving Conjure has value, in addition to gathering use cases and learnings.

Conjure is being built by James Whelton, who is passionate about the mastery of life. James previously founded a non-profit movement reaching hundreds of thousands of young people in over 110 countries, then went on to build the largest online supermarket in the Middle East, before spending time in private equity. Like most, he has experienced highs and lows, prompting him to evaluate how to obtain the most from one's life, whatever cards one has been dealt.

Our measure of success is a user's personal flourishing. We have open questions about company structure (being a B-Corp, funding without expectations of acquisition, being beholden to users not shareholders, etc). We want to create something that provides true meaningful value to users, while is financially rewarding and has healthy margin to grow and innovate. Conversely we want to make Conjure accessible to those who could benefit from it most.

Conjure is the successor to HyperNeat, a personal life management platform James built and used for the last 12 months to improve and manage his life. Prior to that, he built a gratitude app, a Duolingo style app for well-being & psychology leveraging spaced repetition, a personal OKR & KPI system and a time blocking/management system.

Conjure comes about after 2 years of exploration and experimentation, conversations with psychologists, neuroscientists, behavioural scientists, coaches, philosophical types and the ilk, along with researching happiness, subjective well-being and life statisfaction.

If you would like to know more, could share knowledge and experience, wish to support or advance Conjure's journey somehow, please email [email protected], otherwise join the waitlist to follow the adventure.

Why the name "Conjure"? Because we wish to help people conjure their best reality.