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Guides → Guide to the Perfect Day Habit
3 min read

Guide to the Perfect Day Habit

James Whelton

Conjure Founder


A "Perfect Day" habit, is a habit that automatically completes when you complete your other habits, that make up what you consider to be your "Perfect Day".

It can be helpful to have a minimum definition of success for a day, for prioritization and to feel a sense of accomplishment. For me, my "Perfect Day" looks like:

  • Do some work on Conjure
  • Exercise
  • Meditate
  • Take my supplements

I always try aim for this perfect day, even if I only do a little bit of each habit (say if I'm burnt out or low motivation) and don't meet my other habits (such as getting to bed on time).

Creating the habit

First, ensure you have the other habits created you want to make up your perfect day.

Then go create your "Perfect Day" habit, using a "Habit Is Completed" rule for each habit.

Now after you complete all of these habits, you'll see the "Perfect Day" habit become completed.

Handling Day Specific Criteria

Lets say you don't exercise on a Saturday, we can use a nested rule group to handle this.

Add a Rule Group, set it to When "Any" Match and add these 2 rules:

  • The "Habit Is Completed" rule, set to the "Exercised" habit
  • The "Is Day Of Week" rule, set to "Saturday"

Now this rule group will be satisfied/passed when either the "Exercised" habit is completed or it is "Saturday".

Perfect Day Streak Objective

Going one step further, we can have an Objective that uses the "Perfect Day" in one of the following two ways.

1. Habit Streak

We can use the "Habit Streak" objective result to achieve our objective when we have a 10 day streak.

2. Habit Completion Count

Alternatively, we could aim for 80% of the days in our month to be a "Perfect Day", in this case we can use the "Habit Completions" objective result, with the range set to this "Month" and the target set to 24 (if theres 30 days in the month).

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