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Form, build and maintain habits. Use simply or sophisticatedly, with automation and customization.

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Time Tracking

Seamlessly track time on web and mobile with minimal friction. Use to complete Habits and Objectives.

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The data layer powering the wider ecosystem. Easily track manually or automatically with integrations.

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Define success and then achieve it through Habits, Time Tracking, Measures and Integrations.

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Guides & Resources

Conjure's guides and resources on habits, goals, well-being, time management, behaviour change, productivity and getting the most out of the Conjure.

Guide to Habit Completion Types

Learn how and why to use multiple variants or "completion types" for a habit in Conjure. With this you can have Sick Days, Rest Days, Traveling and Emergency modes for a habit, along with custom icons and streak effects.

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Guide to using Apple Health with Habits & Objectives

Learn how to use the Apple Health integration to automatically complete habits and objectives when you exercise, meditate, diet and more, along with syncing your data to measures in Conjure.

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Guide to the Perfect Day Habit

Build a "Perfect Day" habit in Conjure, which automatically completes when you successfully complete your other daily habits. Learn to use Habit rule groups to have different rules for different days of the week.

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Guide to Habit Sick Days, Rest Days, Holidays & Traveling

With one click, pause your habits and their streaks, so you can focus on resting up, traveling or enjoying your holidays.

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Guide to Time based Habits & Objectives

You can't always control the outcome, but you can control the process. Dedicate an amount of time every week to do something and use time based habits and objectives to ensure you're putting in the time needed to get the results you want.

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