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Web, Mobile & Desktop Apps

Conjure is available on Web, iOS, Android, Mac & Windows.

We recommend users sign up and get started using Web or the Desktop app, then download the mobile app.


Conjure is designed to be used across web, desktop and mobile, and updates in real time across all.

Some web functionality is not available on mobile currently (eg Dashboards). We are working towards having all web/desktop functionality on mobile, while balancing building new features. If you have any feedback, let us know.


You can access Conjure web at

Conjure web is designed for desktop. You can still use it and do everything on a mobile web browser, however you may have to zoom in at times (given it has desktop dimensions).

Updates to make the design mobile responsive are planned. Majority of users use both web and the mobile app.

Desktop App

You can download the Desktop app for Mac and Windows here.

Some benefits of the desktop app include:

  • Native desktop notifications
  • Displays the current Active Time Entry in the menu bar
  • Shortcut icon in the menu bar
  • Multiple windows are supported

The desktop app downloads and installs updates automatically in the background.

Menu Bar Support
If you have an active Time Entry, on Mac it is displayed in the menu bar, while on Windows it is displayed when you hover over the menu bar icon.

iOS App

You can download the Conjure iOS app from the App Store here.

Android App

You can download the Android app from the Google Play Store here.