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Blog / Habits
13 min read

Aug 08, 2023

5 Atomic Habits Habit Tracker Apps to Change Your Life

Laura-Ann Burgess

Contributing Writer

Since you're here, you're probably already familiar with the concept of atomic habits for long-term behavior change, and you've likely heard of James Clear. He's the author of the book "Atomic Habits" and is a widely acclaimed expert on the topic of habit formation.

His book details a methodology to create good habits, break bad ones, and improve yourself by 1 percent every day. The core philosophy of Atomic Habits is that “you don't rise to the level of your goals, but fall to the level of your systems.”

Atomic Habits Special Edition Baronfig

To offer clarity, this means that to make significant changes in your life, you'll need to focus on your daily habits and systems, putting your head down instead of dreaming about your end goal all day.

To learn more, watch the following video with James Clear:

Atomic Habits: How to Get 1% Better Every Day - James Clear

In this post, you'll discover 5 quirky and highly unique habit-tracking apps that could be your perfect partner in this journey. They're quite diverse so, depending on your style, personality, and needs, you'll be well-equipped to choose the one that's right for you by the end of this post. Now, let's go!!

Why an app and not a printable or a combination dot grid notebook?

James Clear offers a printable habit tracker template and there are all sorts of dot grid notebook and combination daily journal options on the market that work really well for some people.

However, it's worth exploring habit tracking apps too because, for some of us, they can be an even more powerful tool in this lifestyle-upgrade process.

The main reason—they ACTIVELY motivate you.

Atomic Habits by James Clear

They offer a built-in structure, daily motivation, and automated reminders to keep you on track. Personally, we think habit-tracking apps have a distinct edge over printable habit trackers. Here's why:

  • Active motivation: Unlike the paper option, apps come equipped with everything from built-in timed reminders, to NLP-powered nudges and affirmations, to explosions of digital confetti that grow your confidence, day by day.
  • Convenience: Apps are always with you, tucked away in your pocket on your smartphone. You can update your progress anytime, anywhere, without needing to carry around a piece of paper, a collection of colored highlighters, and possibly even correction fluid!
  • Flexibility: Apps let you seamlessly add, delete, or modify habits, without making a mess of things. With a printable tracker, you're stuck with what you've written down, unless you want to start over or do a messy cover-up.
  • Data tracking and analysis: Some apps offer insightful data about your habits, showing you trends over time and helping you understand your behaviors and room for improvement. Printable trackers are limited and, quite literally, two-dimensional in this regard.
Printable Paper Habit Tracker.webp

Now, we're not about to bash the dot grid method. It's a tried and true solution that's already made a difference in countless lives—and it works for James Clear.

Yet, it doesn't suit all of us, because people are diverse.

While printable trackers might appeal to those who prefer a tactile experience with less screen time, consider that habit-tracking apps bring convenience, flexibility, and insight that's hard to match.

The good news is that most of the options on our list require an initial setup with very little screen time needed after that.

1. Conjure

Conjure is more than just a habit tracker; it's an insanely flexible, highly engineered platform that allows you to manage your habits, time, behaviors, and achievements in a way that's 100% personalized.

It's built with a high degree of customization and automation. It's a standout choice for those with advanced and complex habits, those who want to name and emojify their habits themselves. It's also perfect for those who want a habit tracker to adjust with their periodic crests, troughs and odd days.

User interface and experience

Conjure's interface is designed to be engaging, incorporating unobtrusive but fun elements like color-coding, celebratory confetti, and emojis to make habit tracking more of a party.

Of course, it comes as a blank slate to start, and you'll need to put in some time just to build out your habits and set the platform to your taste.

Once you clear this hurdle, the rewards will be immense. For those who're a little lazy in the setup department, there are plenty of ready-made, colorful templates to choose from.

The platform operates in real-time across various devices and browsers, ensuring a seamless user experience that's consistent no matter where you look from.

Conjure Habit Tracker App

Key features

  • Habits: Conjure lets you set up new habits and better habits manually, or automate them based on specific triggers such as reaching a certain step count or completing other habits.
  • Time tracking: You can effortlessly track your time spent on various habits. This feature is integrated into the habit and objective completion process, and this automation creates a frictionless experience that constantly motivates you to keep up the progress.
  • Measures: This feature serves as the backbone of the Conjure ecosystem, allowing you to track various types of data manually or automatically through integrations, so you have a holistic view of how and when you're making progress. This data can then be used to inform and power your habit and objective completion.
  • Objectives: Another feature that's really unique to Conjure is how it allows you to define your success criteria and work towards them using habits, completion types, streaks, sick days, time tracking, measures, and integrations. Objectives can be completed manually or set to complete automatically based on specific criteria.
  • Integrations: Conjure integrates with a ton of other apps and platforms, including Apple Health, Withings, Strava, and more. This means automated tracking and data utilization for habit and objective completion using health data, exercise stats, and all sorts of data pulled from your favorite specialized trackers.


  • Highly flexible with automation capabilities
  • Intuitive goal completion for habits that fall within stipulated categories
  • Completion types mean you can still see progress on sick and tough days
  • Real-time tracking across multiple devices
  • Integrates with an impressive list of other apps and platforms for a holistic experience
  • Engaging user interface once you've set everything up to your liking
  • Designed by James Whelton, who needed an app that he could use for himself


  • The plethora of features and possibilities may be overwhelming for beginners
  • The blank slate start can make the app seem colorless or plain at first, but once you've set everything up, you'll find it colorful, emoji-ful, and kinda like a well-planned party that happens every day


Conjure is an excellent choice for peeps who crave customization and automation in their habit-tracking process.

It's particularly well-suited to type-A personalities, ADHD people, developers, elite performers in the academic, career, and creative space, and those looking to manage a wide range of complex habits.

The engaging user interface and integration capabilities also make it a great choice for those who are looking for a comprehensive, holistic, and interconnected habit track and behavior change experience.

Try Conjure Now.

2. Harold the Habit Tracker

Harold the Habit Tracker offers a user experience that's 100% singular on the habit app market.

User interface and experience

The app functions via Whatsapp or, in the US only, via SMS, and it acts like a friend who texts you to ask whether you've completed specific habits.

The AI, Harold, sends weekly progress updates directly to your message box or WhatsApp, so you never have to log in or open an app.

It has limited flexibility and customization options, and it really is just there to remind you, but it's a frictionless experience for people who may be a little OCD or app-shy and not keen to deal with a complex UI.

Harold Habit Tracker App

Key features

  • Frictionless Whatsapp or SMS interface
  • Lets you track multiple habits
  • AI Harold sends you daily, weekly, and monthly progress reports
  • You'll also get motivational quotes and tips


  • Easy to use
  • Comprehensive tracking and reporting
  • Motivational support
  • Designed by Kyleigh, who needed a streamlined tracker for herself


  • Limited customization options
  • No integration with other apps


Harold the Habit Tracker is ideal for individuals who don't like apps but prefer simplicity and straightforward habit tracking without the need for extensive customization.

Check out Harold the Habit Tracker.

3. Atomic Habits+

Let's start this app review by letting you know that, based on our research, there's no indication that Atomic Habits+ is in any way associated with James Clear, writer of the “Atomic Habits” book.

Although, it does allow you to track habits under the atomic methodology.

User interface and experience

Atomic Habits+ offers a comprehensive habit-tracking experience. It guides you through the process with habit suggestions and requires that users hold the habit to mark it off.

One snag is that it asks for habit completion confirmation even after marking it as complete.

The aesthetic is colorful and full of unique illustrations that certain users will appreciate. However, this style of illustration, which is reminiscent of some animated films, is not going to be everyone's cup of tea–or coffee!

Atomic Habits+ Habit Tracker App

Key features

  • Habit tracking with reminders and timers
  • Customizable habits
  • Features like boosts, challenges, widgets, expert practices, and tailored habit recommendations


  • Comprehensive habit tracking and customization
  • Regular feature updates


  • The app may ask for habit completion confirmation even after marking it as complete
  • Not directly associated with James Clear, the author of the book "Atomic Habits", so the name might be a bit confusing


Those who enjoy a full-featured approach with a wide range of widgets, boosts, challenges, and more.

Lovers of the distinctive flat illustrative aesthetic and upbeat vibe, which may come across as geared toward teens or feminine-natured users specifically.

Check out Atomic Habits+ on iOS.

4. Habit Rabbit

This is a treat for lovers of cute Asian animation, games, and plushy toys, and for those who've never stopped feeding their Tamagotchi.

User interface and experience

Habit Rabbit offers a gamified habit tracker app experience. The app makes you complete your habits to clean your rabbit's home, level up, earn carrots, and unlock furniture.

It also shares daily motivational quotes and productivity tips. The habit journal is great, as many apps actually lack a habit journal for writing thoughts and affirmations.

Habit Rabbit Habit Tracker App

Key features

  • Gamified habit tracking, or should we say rabbit tracking
  • Habit stats and automated mood tracker
  • Habit timer with soothing breathing exercises
  • Built-in to-do list and habit journal


  • Engaging and fun interface for those who love cute games
  • Surprisingly comprehensive habit tracking
  • Includes mood tracking and habit journal


  • Gamification may not appeal to everyone
  • The cute aesthetic is very niche, you either love it or you don't
  • The interface may be too busy for some users, especially those looking for a streamlined experience


Habit Rabbit is a funfest for those who enjoy a gamified approach to habit tracking, and who appreciate a variety of features all wrapped up in a warm, fuzzy cuteness overload.

Check out Habit Rabbit.

5. Eden

Here's one for the daydreamers. For each day you complete your tasks, a flower grows little by little. However, an uncompleted task will wither or stunt the growth of the flower.

The premium version gives you access to a range of gardens and flowers but, unfortunately, the premium limits you to a maximum of 20 habits—so not for chronic achievers.

User interface and experience

Eden is a habit tracker app for soft-hearted folks who love a simple interface and aesthetic, but don't even bother approaching if you don't like floral, floral, and more floral.

Eden Habit Tracker App

Key features

  • Unique flower-growing concept, with new gardens/flowers to experience
  • Simple, minimalist, pretty design
  • Reminders and timer will help you focus


  • Innovative and visually appealing concept if you like floral, simplistic designs
  • Easy to use
  • Focus on daily accomplishments instead of long-term efforts


  • Limited to five tasks without the premium version, and even that is limited to 20
  • No detailed habit tracking, stats, or features, it's very simple and straightforward (though this may not be a con for everyone)


Eden is ideal for those who appreciate a conservative and pretty, minimalist approach to habit tracking.

It's also good for those who enjoy gardening or nature-themed apps. Let's just say that it's not for heavy-metal lovers.

Check out Eden for iOS.

The powers of flexibility and low friction in habit tracking apps

Flexibility in a habit-tracking app is like having a tailor-made superhero suit. It flexes with you, even when you're feeling bloated, poorly, totally distracted, or slightly deranged.

It helps you make the most of your quirks and off-days by reminding you that progress can still be made in increments, no matter how small.

Few habit trackers understand—people are...human.

A flexible tracker will align with your lifestyle and calibrate your current behavior to better reach your goal in slow, steady increments that make you feel good.

A customizable app is more engaging and effective because it's designed to represent you and adjust to you, with your short, mid, and long-term habits, and your goals in mind.

Low-friction apps are the ones that are easy to use and seamlessly integrate into your daily life, without taking up a full half-hour session every day that will need to be scheduled and maintained.

They're like a well-oiled machine, minimizing barriers and making the process of habit tracking as smooth as possible. This ease of use can increase the likelihood of consistent use, which is critical for habit formation and lasting behavior change.

Conjure is a refreshing blend of seriously advanced flexibility and frictionless ease of use (once you've done the initial setup), while the other apps we've listed offer either plenty of ease or plenty of flexibility, but never both.

Now, we're a little biased towards Conjure—this is our blog, after all.

With that said, this curated list features apps that really impress us as they're quirky, original, and highly effective for their niche users.

In conclusion

Remember, try to replace every bad habit with a new habit that gets you closer to your goals. It's about the journey, true, but you need to keep your eyes on the road.

Choosing the right habit-tracking app can make a significant difference in your journey toward building atomic habits.

As you've probably noticed (if you managed to read this far), we've striven to curate diverse apps that will work for all kinds of people.

From casual chats with your buddy Harold, to feeding Rabbit, to growing gardens—and then there's the advanced integrations and endless capacity of Conjure.

Some of these apps are perfect for those who need a reason to laugh, some are ideal for those who just crave simplicity, and some are tailored to serious achievers with big goals, who are looking to take their habit tracking to the next level.

The best habit-tracking app is the one that you will use consistently, so choose the one that feels right to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Atomic Habits habit tracker?

An Atomic Habits habit tracker is a tool inspired by the principles shared in James Clear's book, "Atomic Habits". It's designed to help you keep track of your habits, making it simpler to establish new ones and break away from old ones. The tracker provides a visual way to see your progress, reinforcing your commitment to your habits.

How does an Atomic Habits habit tracker work?

The habit tracker works by providing a visual way to measure your habits. Each day you complete your habit, you mark it on the tracker. Over time, you'll see a pattern of behavior, which can be incredibly motivating. The goal is to keep your streak going, reinforcing the habit and making it part of your routine.

Are there any apps for Atomic Habits habit tracking?

Yes, there are several apps designed for habit tracking based on the Atomic Habits methodology. Some of these include Conjure, Habit Rabbit, and Harold. These apps provide features like reminders, stats, and notes to help you build and track your habits.

How can an Atomic Habits habit tracker help me?

An Atomic Habits habit tracker can help you build good habits and reach your goals. By providing a visual representation of your habits, it allows you to see your progress, which can be a powerful motivator. It also makes it easier to identify patterns in your behavior, helping you understand what works and what doesn't when it comes to building new habits.

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