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Blog / Changelog
3 min read

Jul 25, 2022

Fortnightly Update: Manage Habit Reminders on Mobile & Dashboards Polishing

James Whelton

Conjure Founder

Hello everyone!
It's time for another Fortnightly Update on Conjure!

Manage Habit Reminders on Mobile

You can now create and manage Habit Reminders in the mobile app.

To date, you've only been able to manage these on Web. This is a part of the journey to bring all Habit functionality on Mobile to par with Web.

See the docs on Habit Reminders here.

Dashboards Polishing

There has been a lot of polishing on Dashboards. Thank you to everyone who contributed feedback!

You can access Dashboards through the Command Menu, or with the keyboard shortcut G then D, or through the top right Settings button menu.

Dashboard sharing is live too! You can invite others via email to your Dashboard, where they can also add their own Blocks.

New Block types will continue to be added gradually or on request (don't be afraid to ask).

You can find the Dashboard documentation here.

Customize Top Navigation Bar

You can now manage what's in the top Navigation Bar. This includes hiding and reordering items.

For example, if you don't use Time you can hide it. Or if you don't want to see the Feedback Button, you can hide it.

Other Small Items

  • Added New Measurement Button to top Navigation Bar
  • Added keyboard shortcut for New Measurement (G then N)
  • Occasional visual bug fixes of Habits 'Clean Up' button and Search input on Measures screen


Thank you to everyone who has joined the Discord. Its been great to post regular progress, discuss features, and share ideas. If you want to join, just email me (no pressure to participate, lurking is totally valid).

What's Up Next

I'm balancing time across three streams at the moment:

  1. Habits Related Features
  2. General Development
  3. Growth

I'm now chiefly focused on Habit management in the Mobile app, along with Sleep support in the Apple Health integration, investigating Google Fit support for Android, and a few other minor items.

Growth-wise, if you read any blogs or newsletters, watch certain YouTubers, or hang out in online communities relevant to Conjure, please let me know about them!

Until next time.
Kind regards,

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