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Habit Reminders

Habit Reminders can be managed by :

  • Web: clicking the ··· button next to a Habit and clicking Reminders.
  • Mobile: long pressing on a Habit and tapping Reminders.

Reminders are sent via:

  • Browser Notification (if permission given)
  • App Notification (if app installed and permission given)

Message Variables

Reminder messages support variables, heres how you can use them and the currently supported variables (got more ideas? Reach out to us!).

Running late, take the damn supplements {{first_name}}
first_nameUser's first nameJames
last_nameUser's last nameWhelton
streak_countCount of habit's current streak57


The time a reminder sends is based off the timezone on your user profile (see more about timezones). If you change your timezone, Conjure will send the reminder at the appropriate time in your timezone (eg if you have a reminder for Monday 8am, it will always send the reminder at Monday 8am in the timezone on your profile).