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Habit Versions

In Conjure, you can have a different version of a Habit for different date ranges.

This is useful if you are updating a Habit and want to preserve it's past completions and recurrence.

Using a 'Exercise' Habit as example:

  • January: Habit recurrence is for Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
  • February: Change Habit recurrence to Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday
  • March: Change Habit to be 3 times per week, on any day

In the Habit Week View, the Habit will be displayed appropriately when you look at it in January, in February and in March.

The same applies to Habit Rules. Using a 'Walk' Habit as example:

  • January: Rule target is 5,000 steps per day
  • February: Rule target changes to 10,000 steps per day
  • March: Rule target changes to 7,500 steps per day

The amount of steps needed to complete the Habit for each month is different, and if you add a Measurement for a past date, when evaluating the Habit's completion, it will use the appropriate version and rule.

The Habit's recurrence has it's own set of versions and each Habit Completion Type has their own set of versions.

Updating a Habit

When you edit an existing Habit in the main Habit Form, based on if you change the Habit's recurrence, or a Habit Completion Type, or both, you can choose what date the changes should start from.

Viewing & Editing Past Versions

For a Habit with the Habits Versions Viewer you can:

  • View Past Habit Recurrence & Completion Type Versions
  • Edit Versions
  • Delete Versions
  • Add a new Version before or after another Version

You can view the Versions for a Habit the Habit Menu: