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Blog / Changelog
4 min read

Aug 30, 2023

Conjure August Update: Too Many Updates

James Whelton

Conjure Founder

Hello friends!
James here from Conjure (the ridiculously overengineered Habit, Time, and Goal Tracking Platform).

There are many updates for you in this post, as it's been a while since I've shared an update on the blog or by email.

Despite the extended period since my last post, I'm alive and well (fortunately or unfortunately, depending on who you ask). I've been working consistently in the background, sharing updates mainly to Twitter and Discord.

Given the many updates, I'm going to provide a list of the key items (with some links) and then talk about what's up next.

Key Updates Since Last Post

Local Data Persistence

This week, I released a significant update for saving data locally. The Web/Desktop and Mobile apps now save your Measures, Habits, and current week of Habit Completions.

This means faster loading, better offline handling, and allows me to add Mobile Widgets (those who've been asking for this in Discord, you know who you are).

For the not-too-distant future, this also sets up for full offline support, local-only Habits/Measures, and more wonderful features planned!

Recent Focuses

As you can tell from the list, I've had to do some unexciting and tedious items (I had a few "go outside and touch grass" moments while implementing Plan Downgrades).

Conjure now has some extraordinary features. Now, I feel, is the appropriate time to remove friction and round out the platform, before building more features on top and attracting more users.

At the start of the summer, I was also stressing out about growth and revenue, so I decided to re-center, adopt a more sustainable pace for a while, and make life more enjoyable by doing some items that had been hanging over me for a while (once again, Plan Downgrades, no other feature has made me want to quit and change career to being an Accountant).

What's Up Next

I'm continuing to focus on bug fixes, implementing minor user requests, and clearing my backlog/task list, before I jump into the next major feature.

If you've previously requested any enhancements, now is an excellent time to remind me!

Growing Conjure is still necessary. Conjure has had 1600 users sign up in its 3-year lifetime, and its monthly recurring revenue is ~$1300. Enough revenue to pay many living expenses. Not enough revenue to stop me from lying about my income on dates.

My main bottleneck is getting Conjure in front of eyeballs belonging to people who might find it useful.

I'm trying to balance marketing and development (it's mostly been development to date). The marketing Holy Grail for me is developing features that simultaneously give value to existing users and attract new users.

If you'd be willing to share Conjure on Twitter/X/Instagram/Threads/etc, I'd massively appreciate it, and as thanks, I promise to over-focus on development and procrastinate on marketing a little longer :)


Thank you to all users, customers, and friends who've supported Conjure and me. I am incredibly grateful for you.

Now, reaching Conjure's 3-year birthday, I've spent 5363 hours building it, I have worked on it 947 days in a row, and I am still as excited and motivated by Conjure and its future as I was on day 0.

Conjure Founder

From my accountability dashboard in Conjure

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