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Blog / Changelog
4 min read

May 30, 2022

Fortnightly Update: Next Up & Recent Key Updates

James Whelton

Conjure Founder

Welcome to the first fortnightly Conjure update.

In these updates, I'll share the latest improvements, plans, and news regarding Conjure, along with insights and articles around habits, behavior change, productivity, achievement, and well-being.

I'll take this opportunity to briefly recap the journey with Conjure, share what is next on the roadmap, and dive into the most recent key updates.

Journey So Far

Conjure has been under development for 20 months and is now moving out of the early access phase.

Conjure has been used daily by people for ~12 months. There have been over 28,000 habit completions. Over 35,000 measurements have been tracked along with a mere 2,900,000 evaluations by the rules engine.

Aiming to build a platform people value and use daily, the focus during these months has been to build the foundations of a system that helps people identify, build and maintain behaviors conducive to well-being and life satisfaction.

These foundations include the data layer (measures), the data set engine, the habits and objectives rules engine, the real-time architecture, and the API.

With significant progress made, the focus will shift to refining features that leverage these foundations, further rounding out the platform, and continuing to build something unique, powerful, and fun!

Next Up

We'll focus on nailing habit related functionality, which includes:

  • Habit times per week & times per day
  • Habit management on mobile
  • iOS Widgets & Apple Watch app
  • Sound effects
  • Smart habits v2
  • Habit detail view & stats

Alongside this, we'll be improving communications and community around Conjure, including:

  • Regular articles with learnings, tips, and insights
  • Fortnightly update emails and blog posts
  • A public roadmap
  • Discord community

You'll also see updates in other areas (for example, the Zapier integration pending release). Once we get through this Habit feature backlog, there are some exciting features around reporting, dashboards, tracking, and sharing, that I can not wait to work on.

Another aspect of focusing on habits and communications is growing Conjure's userbase. As a bootstrapped business, this is somewhat important, and I'm keen to reinvest revenue to advance the roadmap faster. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or thoughts on growth or the roadmap!

Recent Key Updates

Measures V2 & Data Layer Overhaul

Measures are the data layer of Conjure. Tracking is an essential part of identifying, building, and maintaining behaviors.

V1 of the Measures system did the job of initially building out the Habits rules engine and validating some ideas.

V2 has taken all the learnings, feedback, and research, creating a flexible system built to serve the future of Conjure as we add more Measure Types and make more features around reporting and tracking.

We strive for tracking behavior, be it manually or automatically, to be as easy, low friction, and flexible as possible, in addition to catering to the ecosystem of integrations and apps forming around Conjure.

Some aspects of the revised Measure system include:

Mobile app improvements

  • V2 Measures Support
  • View Measure Dependents
  • Reorder Measures
  • Advanced Measurements Filtering
  • Manage Measure Fields
  • Custom Keyboards & Components For Measure Fields
  • Floating 'New Measurement' Button
  • Habit Note Support
  • Quick Actions
  • Tabbar Navigation Added, with customizable tabs
  • Quick Measurement Creation Tabbar Item
  • Customizable Navigation Method in Settings
  • Workout Distance Measure Type used by Apple Health Integration
  • Habit Haptic Feedback
  • Android Version Improvements
  • Better dark mode handling


I'm thrilled to have the Measures V2 update shipped. It was challenging and time-consuming to build, but the right foundation for behavior tracking moving forward.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported Conjure on its journey and provided feedback and insight. I have immense gratitude for you.

I remain as excited about Conjure and its future as I did 20 months ago on day one.

As always, any feedback, requests, or questions, feel free to email me at james@conjure.so or just hit the 'Feedback' button in app.

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