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Usage & Plan Limits

You can view your usage of certain Conjure features by:

  • Web/Desktop: Going to Settings, then Usage
  • Mobile: Going to More, then Settings, then Usage

This shows only usage relevant to billing plans.

For example, total Habits or Measurements created this month (for which the Free Plan has limits), but not total Objectives.

Approaching or Reaching Plan Limits

If you are on a plan with limits (eg the Free Plan), when you are close to reaching a limit or have reached it, you'll see messages in relevant places, and receive email alerts.

Monthly Measurement Limit

For plans with a monthly Measurement limit (eg the Free Plan), it works as follows:

  • The limit is based on the count of Measurements created in the current month
  • This count is increased when you create a Measurement
  • This count is decreased when you delete a Measurement that was created in the current month
    • If you delete a Measurement created in the previous month, the count is unaffected
  • When you delete a Measure (which also deletes it's Measurements), the count is decreased by it's Measurements created in the current month
  • The count resets at the beginning of the next month (per your account's timezone)

Soft Limit & Integrations

After reaching the monthly Measurement limit, we do allow some additional measurements to continue to be created by integrations, going over the limit, to try minimize disruption.

At a certain point, we will stop allowing additional measurements to be created over the limit by integrations, so if you expect to exceed your monthly limit, we ask you consider upgrading your plan.

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