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An objective is an outcome you want to achieve. An objective is made up of one or more results, which are the specific steps, actions or processes you can take to achieve it.

If an objective is your destination, then results are how you get there. The more specific and actionable an objective, is the better.

We recommend using objectives in combination with habits and measures, so you can see the connection and progress to your desired outcomes and goals.

Some examples of objectives you can create are:

  • Read 10 books
  • Spend 10 hours on project this week
  • Spend 100 hours on project
  • Hit 10 streak on Meditation habit
  • Walk 50k steps this week
  • Weigh 85kg
  • Talk to 5 new people
  • Complete Exercised habit 100 times


Results are updated in real time when you do something to progress them, such as completing a habit, creating a measurement or tracking time.

There several types of results and we are continually adding more (let us know if you any ideas). You can have one or more results for your objective.

Simple Objectives

If you have no results on an objective, it is known as a "Simple Objective" and you can click a checkbox to achieve it.

Progress Notifications

You can set to receive notifications each time you progress towards achieving your objective (for example upon completing a habit or tracking time). You will receive the notifications on both web and mobile.

Email On Achieving

When you set to receive an email on achieving your objective, you will get an email similar to the following:

Timezones & Nightly Re-evaluation

For some Objective Results (eg "Measurement Count") that use time ranges (eg "Day", "Week", "Month", "Quarter"), the timezone on your user profile is used to determine what "Today" is, or when "This Week" begins and finishes in your timezone.

Every night at 00:00 (based on the timezone on your user profile), all un-complete Objectives are re-evaluated.